Hardly A Prize Worth Chasing


By Batul Mukhtiyar

Film >> The Bunty Hunter
Director >> Andy Tennant
Starring >> Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Gio Perez

THE BOUNTY HUNTER proves that all the publicity machines in the world cannot create on-screen chemistry if it does not exist. The spats between Milo (Gerard Butler) and Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) don’t engage us in the least because it is difficult to understand why they were ever together in the first place. Aniston looks sad and weary under her perfect tan. She doesn’t get many costume changes, making her even sadder. She spends the better part of the film running around in high heels, which must have been back-breaking. Butler is way too charming to be convincing as a rascal.

Within 10 minutes, you start feeling you have wandered into a room with two people whom you know only very slightly, fighting in front of you. You are not even embarrassed, just bored, and wonder if they can’t sort out their problems elsewhere.

The film uses up whatever it has by way of action or comedy in the first scene itself, which one has also seen in the trailer — Milo in a car on the highway, the car smoking up, he opens the trunk, Nicole runs out, he chases her. Captions come on, ‘Bounty Hunter’, ‘Ex-wife, convict on the run’, and ‘24 hours before’. From there on, it goes downhill.

I don’t understand any of it. Why does the state have such a high price on Nicole, for something which is not more than a traffic violation? What is a bounty hunter anyway? Why does she go to the race course to think? (Apparently only so that the director can cut between the horses racing, and her being chased by Milo.) Why did they spend their honeymoon in a cheesy Cupids Cabins motel within miles of the city they live in? What necessitates their spending another night there? Why is the villian so lame? Why was this film made?

The film depends too much on Jennifer Aniston’s backside and her cleavage, and Gerard Butler’s thick charm, which don’t do much for you after a while. This is a masala film without the songs and the item numbers that would have made it fun. I would not have minded watching it if it starred Feroz Khan and Mumtaz. If this were a book, you would put it down after page 1, it’s so full of cliches.


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