Hardik’s voice test conducted; matches the one in audio clips

Photo: Vijay Pandey
Photo: Vijay Pandey

The Forensics Science Laboratory (FSL) conducted the voice-matching test on the request of the Ahmedabad crime branch, which charged Hardik with sedition, and of “waging war against the government,” in its FIR lodged last month.

The test was conducted to verify the crime branch’s claims, that, Hardik’s phone interceptions revealed he had indulged in activities amounting to the charges level against him.

“Hardik’s voice spectrography test showed positive result; his voice samples matched with the the voice in audio clips of phone interceptions submitted to us by police. We have given our report to the police on 25 November,” said a senior FSL official.

At present, Hardik is cooling his heels in jail. The city crime branch had arrested the firebrand leader after duly lodging an FIR against him, on October 21.

The FIR also named five of his aides, including Ketan Patel, Dinesh Bambhaniya, Alpesh Kathiriya, Amrish Patel, and Chirag Patel. They too are behind bars at present, while two others have not been arrested.

In the FIR, police claimed they intercepted numerous calls between Hardik and his aides, and found he allegedly tried to incite Patel youths to resort to violence after their mega rally, on August 25.

The FIR alleged such instructions resulted in statewide violence, and caused huge damage to public property, along with loss of life. To strengthen their case, the crime branch decided to go for Hardik’s voice matching test, in order to prove that the calls had been made by him.

This is the second sedition FIR against Hardik. Last month, Surat police arrested him on sedition charges for allegedly inciting a fellow activist to kill a cop, instead of committing suicide.


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