Greece ready to accept creditors’ demands, but with minor changes


Tsipras1A report on 1 July stated Greece was ready to accept most terms put forth by its global creditors to clinch a deal over its debt crisis, in a move that brought some relief to global markets.

After Greece’s bailout programme expired and Greece failed to repay the IMF loan, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he was prepared to accept the demands of the creditors demands for a bailout programme, but with small changes, reported the Financial Times.

The deadline on Greece’s bailout expired after a tense weekend during which Tsipras announced he would put a deal proposal by Greece’s international creditors to a referendum on 5 July and urged a “no”’ vote.

European officials and Greek opposition parties said that a “no” vote would mean Greece will leave the Euro zone and possibly even the European Union.

Meanwhile, pensioners gathered at banks for hours from before dawn in a bid to withdraw 120 euros ($134) for the week, after Greece reopened some banks to help those who don’t have bank cards.

Greeks are now limited withdraw 60 euros ($67) a day from ATMs. Without special permission, they cannot send money abroad or make international payments.


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