Greece PM Alexis Tsipras announces resignation, calls snap polls


alexis-tsiprasAfter announcing his resignation on 20 August, Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for snap polls, as he went to defend Greece’s massive bailout after it triggered a rebellion within his own party.

The election is likely to be held on September 20, the Greek news agency ANA said, citing government sources.

“I will meet with the Greece president shortly and present my resignation and that of my government,” Tsipras said in a televised address.

“The Greek people know everything that I have done (since assuming office in January) so that they can decide once more,” said Tsipras.

The move leaves Greece in the hands of a caretaker government.

Meanwhile, hours after Tsipras called snap polls,  25 members of his governing Syriza party announced a breakaway movement on 21 August, while the main opposition said it would try to avert polls by forming a government.

The initiatives were to thwart Tsipras’ efforts, whose resignation was a calculated move to consolidate his grip on power and press ahead with overhauls required by Greece’s third bailout, to hold elections as quickly as possible.

The election, proposed for September 20, may be extended to the end of that month or to early October if all Greece’s major political players exploit their right, under the Greek Constitution, to try to form a government.


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