Greece passes bailout plan; Syriza hardliners desert PM Tsipras


Paving way for fresh negotiations on a new multi-billion-euro bailout package to keep Greece in the EU, PM Tsipras passed the EU  proposed austerity measures. However, the Prime Minister’s compliance with the creditors’ demands hasn’t gone down well with Syriza hardliners who deserted Tsipras in this period of crisis.

Approved with 229 votes within the 300-seat chamber, there were 64 votes against it and six abstentions.

Tsipras stated that,  there was no alternative to the package, which he acknowledged would cause hardship, but he stood by the decision. “I am the last person to shirk this responsibility,” he told parliament.

Gabriel Sakellaridis, Government spokesman, acknowledged the vote laid a bare split in Syriza, but he said the government’s priority was to secure the bailout, stating  that, there would be no immediate move towards new elections.

Exchanging  funding up to 86 billion euros ($94 billion), Greece has accepted reforms including significant pension adjustments, increases to value added taxes, measures to liberalise its economy and tight limits on public spending, as well as an overhaul of its collective bargaining system.

The Government of Greece has also agreed to expropriate 50 billion euros of public assets in a special privatisation fund to act as collateral on the deal.



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