Great power comes with greater responsibility

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Garnering trust: Implementing demonetisation and making it a grand success by winning the faith of people hint people highly trust Modi

And finally results of state assembly elections from all the five states — Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, are now before all of sundry. BSP supremo Mayawati’s allegation on BJP chief Amit Shah during a media interface soon after the results sounds highly ludicrous. Had it been done as she had claimed, the Congress party would not have obtained majority in Punjab. And the BJP would have been on the number one position in Goa and Manipur with clear cut mandate too.

But it did not happen in three other states in addition to UP and Uttarakhand. Thus, BSP supremo should accept the ‘electoral-decisions’ of electorates by healthy political mindset. Not only our country but across the world, when the players come to face each other leading their respective teams, one team has to win and other has to accept the defeat. And as per the common decorum, both the winner and the looser meet, greet and hug each other. Thereafter, depart to their destination with a sense of both elation and introspection for fetching further performances better.

But the BSP supremo’s allegations and counter –allegations in the post poll-results scenario, makes me recall a historic (what it was termed then) speech of Mustafa Kamal Pasha, the founder of Republic of Turkey. On December 22 in 1912, the army of Turkey had conquered over Italy and the residents of Italy’s Tobruk city had resorted to stones and eggs pelting on the army of Turkey expressing collective resentment against the invaders. Then, Pasha, addressing both the Turkey’s army and the citizens of Italy, had said, “In battles, many times more talented and brave people are defeated but it does not mean that they had lost all battles of their lives”. He had made a historical call-upon: “Now, we had fought a lot, let us come, relax and stand up for a new creation wherein there would be no war”.

And history still shows how Pasha acted that is still worth emulative to all-particularly politicians. Pasha without imprisoning the defeated rulers- of Italy, Libya and Austria had accorded a grand welcome and receptions as a friend does to his long lost friends after reunion. This is being cited here with an indicative purpose to the BSP supremo, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah. They all-forgetting their political grudges and grounds maintained during the battle of ballots, must leap in love and should accord welcome with regards to all the defeated political friends-irrespective of their affiliations to parties.

Pasha’s one line, “Unless a nation’s life faces peril, war is murder”, must be as one of the ruling political passion of politicians in politics in India. A decorum maintained with gentility and sheer political humility after people’s choices in polls, makes a lot of cascading effect on the future prospects of a party.

In democracy’s one of the finest essences of decorum and decision, there has always been an open place for welcoming all after results without poll prejudices.

The UP results have almost made one thing clear in politics here that there is now no room for castes, creeds or any kind of ill-concepts to the people when they push the buttons in the EVMs. A major development which is now being noticed after UP poll results is that the people even settled as natives in interiors or deep hinterlands have moved ahead of the poll-manifestoes and the politics of promises. The electronic communicational gadgets like laptops or the cellphones are not proving enough to lure the voters illogically out of emerged-emotions. And if anyone who has availed highest quantum of benefits of Information revolution in India, is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi’s cherished move of being with the people through “Man Ki Baat” changed the people’s perceptions to such an extent that they all came together with Modi’s pollonomics (politics and Economics-two important ingredients of Modi’s political bulwark). I have seen many of the Prime ministers during the journey of last two decades of my journalistic career but never seen one like Modi who has energy and power to take so much risk. Implementing ‘demonetisation’ and making it a grand success by winning the faith of people shows us clearly that the people pine hope on PM Modi a lot. This is a single most-acceptable reason for the brand-Modi (As is perceived in and coined now in both political and non-political parlances) for winning the trust and temperament of people not only within the country but also outside the country wherever he went; hopefully wherever he goes as PM of India.

It is clear from the UP results that there is now no room for castes, creeds or any kind of ill-concepts to the people when they push the EVM buttons

Intellectually speaking, one can say that the weightage of Indian passport has got heavier and healthy and it comes to be known when one undertakes a journey abroad-Europe, US, or any other countries. Smile with handshake welcomes us there and a trust upon us is benevolently maintained by the countries, hitherto, dubitating in accepting us as an established political, economical and military entity even after lapse of more than 70 years of becoming free to decide out our own fates, futures and finances.

It is rightly being said that great power comes with greater responsibility. and naturally, as it happens in every well-governed democracy, responsibility of PM Narendra Mod in the backdrop of grand victory in UP and other states, has increased manifold. If one says it honestly, undoubtedly once again it is the victory of PM as no pre-poll faces for chief ministers in any of the five states were tossed up. The challenges stood same-“roti-kapra, rojgar aur makan” (Bread, clothes, employments and houses). Now it is to be a wait and watched as to how the PM will be able to solve all these chronic challenges India faces since it became independent and unfortunately all of these problems are still unsolved.

The crusade launched against the pangs and pillars of corruptions begetting black-money has been taken to a conclusive point whereby results would be visible and coming out efforts after efforts. For this much-needed move against corruption and the black-money, the PM has got a world-wide attention, appreciation and applauses followed by some cots of criticism also.

It would not be hyperbole or seen as a surprise if PM Modi gets a Nobel prize for his ‘reformative drives’ and developing a solid and effective background for social reforms. The PM has left no stone unturned in fanning the movements against corruption and the black-money which has emerged as a commercial culture to a majority of affluent and dishonest people in public, corporate and political services.

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Stage set for 2019: The 2019 parliamentary elections may be a “make or mar” for Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The control over the state resources has reduced to state’s regional political outfits for a period of five years, the law and order were reduced to a tool to help a particular party in power or in an alliance. Fed up with decades of this kind of politics carried to plunder the people and their natural resources, the people understood this plank and dumped the regional parties far away from “active political considerations of public”(better said by an US-based journalist Richard Huggs-free-lancing on UP elections results). Now after results, the BJP ought to work in a form of ‘sushasana ‘(good governance) in the same enthusiasm, responsibility and spirit with which Mahatma Gandhi had advocated for bringing “ramrajya’ (state of governance providing equality, opportunity, safety, dignity, developments, peace and prosperity to all at equal measures. The term Ramrajya has no relation with any kind of move made on the Ram temple).

Be known to all, when Gandhi had talked about the need of having Ramrajya in country-Hindustan, no one had taken it on the front of communalism or associated it with a cry of communalism. But whenever the BJP talks about the concept of Ramrajya as a need to be in governance, it is branded as a “cry for communalism”.

It compels the BJP to ponder as to why it is branded so. It happens because of prevailing gap between what they (the BJP politicians) say and later on what they do on this idea of installing ideal rules for all. And now, accept it or not, but a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of PM Narendra Modi to avoid the chance of creating controversy over it, by deeds and developments as the people have declared their support to him strongly. Now, the PM would neither lack majority in the Rajya Sabha nor will face problems during 2019 parliamentary polls.

The latest polls suggest that people from interiors and deep hinterlands have moved ahead of the poll-manifestoes and politics of promises

If the PM wants to take the country ahead, he will have to ensure that his accessibility, as well as communication with the general public, does not get snapped under any circumstances. The next parliamentary elections, of which the results of UP elections are seen as a prelude, –scheduled in 2019, maybe a “ make or mar” for the PM Narendra Modi.

If he faces people confidently, they will come ahead and trust upon his ability for making a new India. Modi will have to translate all aspirations and hopes of people into a reality that will certainly fetch a reward more worthy than a Nobel prize and if he fails to stand true to the people’s expectations and aspirations, his image would not only get a dent but he won’t be able to face the public.

I wish the PM a rewarding in his bid to make a new India.