Government’s crackdown on NGO’s: Greenpeace to close operations in India



greenpeace- 2

Greenpeace India is now facing a stage of closure because of the extreme steps taken by the Central government. The government froze many of the accounts of Greenpeace and left the organization with no other option

Last month home ministry froze all the bank accounts of Greenpeace. Now this environmental organization is in a struggling. The government took the Greenpeace to such a level that it was left no money to pay the office rents and staff salaries. So the question is whether the government is afraid of the NGOs?.

“Yesterday we had a staff meeting and our executive director Samit Aich told us that we have no other option but to go for a shutdown. It was a very emotional moment for many of us. Many be with in a month we may shutdown our offices in India”, said Priya Pillai while talking to  Tehelka.



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