Government keen to extend first half of the Budget session

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

Keen to push key economic reforms bills in the budget session the Government  has indicated that it is open to extending the first half of the ongoing Budget session. If need arises according to reports Parliament could meet on March 23 and 24 to pass key reform bills on coal and mines and minerals. The first half of the session is otherwise slated to end on March 20.

 The Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, which met on decided to hold two additional sittings “if required” to pass the two bills. Government according to media reports  said, is hopeful that the two bills will be passed by Rajya Sabha. If government accepts amendments as recommended by the respective Select Committees which scrutinised the measures, thenthe bills will have to travel back to the Lok Sabha for approval of the amendments.

 There is a view within the government that if the Land, Coal and Mines and Minerals Ordinances, passed by the Lok Sabha as bills, fail to clear the Rajya Sabha test, then the session can be prorogued to enable re promulgation of the ordinances.

 The ordinances will lapse on April 5 — 42 days from the day the session began on February 23 — as per the provisions if the executive orders are not passed as bills by Parliament. After a month-long recess, Parliament will meet again on April 20. The ongoing session is slated to end on May 8, as per the present schedule.

 There is general feeling that given the hard stand by the opposition that there is little hope that the Land Acquisition Bill, passed by the Lok Sabha, will be cleared by the Upper House “at least” in the first half of the session. They said any decision to prorogue the session when it is in recess to enable government repromulgate the ordinance will be taken at a later date.


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