Google’s Marshmallow: 6 Best Features Of The Android 6.0

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow is going to make Android able to do a lot more for you, all while making key refinements across the OS that address longstanding issues.

The latest build will start rolling out with Nexus phones next week, to specific Nexus devices- the Huawei made Nexus 6P and LG made Nexus 5X , and will be available on Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus Players.

Here are the 6 best new features of Android Marshmallow: 


This would be the foremost feature of the new android. Google Now works when you press and hold the home button while inside of any app, and the application will read the screen, look for anything interesting like any location, events and then return information on what it sees in a little popup box on the bottom of the screen.


Earlier versions of android asked you to give permission while installing an app– camera, microphone, location, data, etc.- and most users don’t know why the application is asking such kinds of permissions to access everything and anything. In the new android version, developers will now be able to ask for permissions on a case-by-case basis that means when you go to open up the camera in Instagram, for instance, Instagram could deliver a pop-up asking if you want to let it access your camera. That way users know exactly when an app is using a feature and why it’s using it.


When you buy a new phone you first consider the battery life, right? Doze, in the new android version, will monitor how your device is being used and adjust app activity accordingly. If and when your are not using your phone all day while it is in your pocket, the Doze will simply pause your apps so they don’t drain through your battery life, that means you save lots of battery. Google also says a device’s standby time could double. A big deal.


USB Type-C (also called USB-C) is a tiny new reversible USB format that’s kind of sweeping the tech industry, using this format will brings in faster data transfer and also faster charging. It’s going to be used to charge most phones, tablets, and laptops, and for transferring data and video between devices. Marshmallow adds support for USB Type-C for Android phones and tablets, so there’s a very good chance that your next phone will use it.


The new Marshmallow brings the ability to see fingerprint sensors to unlock the devises. That means your next Android phone will likely let you use a fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone, make payments, and log into various apps and services. Basically, it’s going to be a huge convenience for both the people making Android phones and the people using them.


No one wants to write the same word, and the same sentence repeatedly. Another small but meaningful change in the Android 6.0 is the way that it handles copy and pasting text. One of the solid change in Marshmallow is rather than making you jump to to the top of the screen to find and decipher the cut, copy, and paste buttons, the new version will float the options directly above the text you’ve selected.


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