Gohana: Dalit Teen Taken Into Police Custody Found Dead, Cops Booked

Dalit Killing
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Amid the burning controvery over the killing of two Dalit children in Faridabad, a 15-year-old Dalit boy, charged with theft of a pigeon, died under mysterious circumstances, which led to an angry protest by villagers, in Gohana area of Haryana. The family of the victim accused the police of killing him.

According to reports, when the victim’s kin went to visit him in jail, they were told by the police that the boy  had broken free, and was on the run. The dead body of the boy was later found near an abandoned building which sparked outrage among the villagers, and his kin, who then took his corpse to the street, and sat around it, protesting and demanding justice.

Congress party slammed Haryana police over the alleged killing of the Dalit youth, saying that what were the people supposed to do when the ‘protectors become the predators.’

“The rampant jungle raj in Haryana is alarming and it is also unfortunate that the cops against whom the FIR’s have been lodged have not been arrested. Had it been a Dalit against whom an FIR was filed then he would have been nabbed that very night. Clearly, law and order has gone for a toss in Haryana,” Congress leader PL Punia said.

The police, however, said the teenager’s body was found at his home, though his family approached the police alleging he died while in custody.

The situation in Gohana remains tense, and clashes have taken place between the police and the irate villagers.

As per the latest report, the police have lodged an FIR against two cops of the police station and charged them with murder.


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