Gmail at the receiving end of a phishing scam by hackers?


gmailNew phishing scam on Gmail is giving its users nightmares and leaving the computer experts confused. Under this form of cyber attack, attackers trick users into clicking on fake links thus letting cyber criminals steal your personal data .

Such an attack comes to them from texts — you sent or received from your contacts. This technique is used by hackers to gain access to your passwords. This method is reckoned as special as it convinces users to enter their login thus allowing hackers to use your email/s.

Initially, security tools developer, WorldFence discovered this phishing scam under which hackers enter into users’ accounts by entering their details. From the users’ accounts, the hackers send texts and attachments to those in the contact list thus widening the chain.

A mail sent by a hackers contains either an image or text of the attachment and opens a new tab asking the him/her to enter his/her details for Gmail. Watch out for a link that opens with ‘data: text/html.’ By ignorance, many users get involved in the scam once they click on the link.

Normally, the browser warns the user/s that a particular website link is bad, but in this case of this link no such warning comes up.

What makes the scam even worse is the link comes from one of your contacts, so doubting it doesn’t arise. According to WordFence, of now it has been found only in Gmail, but it could possibly end up with other websites too.

After collecting your personal data in Gmail, the hackers use the same information to enter other websites where your Gmail is used to log in.

To know if your ID has been compromised, check the website To make sure that your are not caught is to make sure the site you log in has nothing other than ‘https://’ and the green lock symbol before ‘’