‘Girl should have called rapists brothers,’ says Asaram Bapu


In a country that has been severely humiliated, hurt and is trying to come to terms with the brutality meted out to its women, on Monday spiritual leader Asaram Bapu made sure it was steeped in further shame.

Speaking about the victim of the recent gangrape in Delhi, the self-proclaimed Godman claimed, “She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop. This could have saved her dignity and life.”

Perched cross-legged on a stage (presumably in Jaipur), Asaram Bapu spoke in an even, matter-of-fact tone, “Can one hand clap? I don’t think so,” he added.

This statement comes at a time when the country has been seriously debating rape laws, social attitudes towards women and the sociological make-up of the Indian society that permits brutal crimes against women.

This is also the latest amongst several public statements made by organisations such as the RSS and the Jamat-e-Islami Hind. While the RSS Chief blamed increasing western influence on the Indian society and called for a return to “pristine Indian values”, the Jamat called for an abolition of co-education and proclaimed the abolition to be the magic wand that would wish rapes away.

Politicians, academics and activists have condemned Asaram Bapu’s statement, but the question remains – how to rein in public figures who make irresponsible statements? Who are they accountable to? Asaram Bapu’s followers have not come down harshly on him.


  1. Not being one of Asaram Bapu’s legions of followers, I’m nursing strong suspicions of this gentleman’s emotional health.

    Note the self-righteousness dripping from his narration of his “generous” offer of support to the Braveheart’s family.

    As regards entreating her rapists for self-control, and being responsible for her rape, I’m quite frankly speechless, because I’m frothing at the mouth.

    Six men intent on committing the most horrifying of all forms of violence, capable of unspeakable cruelty, would be swayed by a defenceless woman’s pleas for mercy.

    Women of India, now you know what to do when a man assaults you. Just appeal to his better nature. There, problem solved.

    As regards not sending innocent men to prison. Of course, those poor little darlings. Unjustly framed for rape and dowry harrassment.

    What did you say? A woman is raped every twenty minutes in India? A woman is killed every two hours for dowry according to NCRB data?

    Nah. These silly women. Abala Naris. Incapable of being truthful. These wily, cunning creatures with deciet in their hearts. Intent on trapping innocent men on false charges of rape and dowry murder.

    Pay no heed to those foolish women. The only woman worth respecting is Maaaa. A true Bharatiya Nari would never complain of rape and dowry harrassment. No sirreebob, she’d suffer smilingly but uphold her family’s izzat.

    Sadar pranams Bapuji. Life must be beautiful in that little bubble you live in.

  2. Asaram is actually ‘nirasharam’. He is a paradox. He garbs as a religious leader but in reality he is a criminal. Such criminal should be bumped off. But alas he has high connections. But this will dry one day and then he would be raped by the public. Poor Miss Dubey, she is under some duress to defend this conman, may be she fears repetition of the ghastly event, a really tough job indeed.
    This creature is a land grabber and this fact is known to many. He is a murderer, again known to many ! he is rude, similar to ruffians that we see in movies. He is an antithesis. May god take him away ASAP.

  3. wish you had a daughter asaram who would have suffered the same way as nirbhaya did then u wud hv known how painful your statement was.all you have done till now is taken the god man thing to your head and earning moolah that’s all.what is it with these so called cheap gods men being obsessed with foreigners and ignoring the poor and needy in their own country.Asaram you are a murderer and a shameless man and if your supporters support you in this statement then even they are a bunch of shameless,spineless animals.


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