Giriraj Singh gets a dressing down from PM Modi over Sonia Gandhi remark


Photo PTI
Photo PTI

After being cornered in the Parliament for his racist comments on Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the union minister Giriraj Singh has got dressing down by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though, Giriraj Singh had already tendered his apology in the lower house regarding his comment- “”If Rajiv Gandhi had married some Nigerian lady, if she wasn’t white, would the Congress party have given her its leadership?”- it seems that the union minister, known for shooting from mouth, is finally in the firing range of Modi.

Sources reveal that after a meeting with the Prime Minister here in Delhi, while coming out from the meeting Giriraj was seen in tears. Sources told TEHELKA that Narendra Modi has cautioned him to exercise restrain while making statements. He has been further told that this kind of mistakes or racist remarks won’t be tolerated any more.


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