Gaza Crisis: Israel, Hamas agree on a new 5-day truce

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

Cairo, Aug 14 (PTI): An agreement between Israel and Hamas had decided to extend the temporary truce in Gaza for five more days, Egypt has said.

The announcement came here yesterday, moments before the existing cease-fire was to expire. Egyptian capital is the hosting these talks.

It was been accepted by both the parties to allow more time for indirect negotiations to paper over differences.

The negotiations aim at reaching a complete peace agreement, according to a statement issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

The Israeli delegation left for Tel Aviv late yesterday and the joint Palestinian delegation will leave today.

Last week, the Palestinian delegation had demanded a permanent ceasefire, including an immediate Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, halting of air-strikes, lifting the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip and release of Palestinian prisoners.

Israel’s offensive in Gaza, which began on 8 July, has led to the death of 1,939 Palestinians and left thousands injured.

A total of 67 soldiers were killed including three civilians on the Israeli side.


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