‘The Govt Doesn’t Care For The Issue Prof GD Agrawal Is Fasting For’

Swami Gyan Swroop Sanand. Photo: Vinod Rawat
Swami Gyan Swroop Sanand. Photo: Vinod Rawat

Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand(GD Agrawal), environmental engineer, former IIT Kanpur professor and former secretary, Central Pollution Control Board, has been on a 103-day fast at the 500-strong Matri Sadan Ashram. His mission is to save the Ganga from pollution and the destruction caused by hydel power and other projects on the river. On 21 September 2013, Professor Agrawal stopped drinking water and now, his condition is critical. Though the administration is planning to stop the fast, they are yet to address the issues he is fasting for. Weakened by the fast, Agrawal was unable to talk, but, Swami Shivanand and Hemant Dhyani of the Ganga Ahwan movement spoke to TEHELKA about his sacrifice to save the river

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Why We Fight – Shoma Chaudhury in conversation with Shekar Dattatri, Swami Shivanand and Prof GD Agarwal at THiNK2012

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