‘Gadkari said he would fix the injustice done to me’


Bihar BJP President CP Thakur’s son Vivek Thakur tells Shobhita Naithani why his dad quit. And why he came back

Photo: Kamini Bala

Why did your father CP Thakur resign?
It has nothing to do with me being denied a BJP ticket. I have been a party worker for the past 12 years and have held posts both at the state and the national level.

So, what was the reason for the resignation?
It was an issue pertaining to the Assembly seat of Bikram. My father has been emotionally attached to the constituency since 1984. He wasn’t happy that the ticket was given to Ram Janam Sharma, who had played a negative role against my father during the 2004 election. My father wanted Anil Singh, who stood by the BJP during the 2005 crisis, to get the ticket.

Then, why did he withdraw his resignation a day later?
The BJP chief, Nitin Gadkari, gave him a patient hearing.

What has your father been promised in return?
Anil Singh has now been given a ticket.

Are you getting a ticket as well?
No. Gadkari acknowledged that injustice was done to me because I had worked hard in Bankipur. He said the party would take care of the injustice in the future.

Have they specified how they will take care of it?
I have left that to the party leadership. They will take the decision.

Do you feel betrayed by the party leadership?

Why were you insistent on contesting from Bankipur?
I was born and brought up in Patna (Bankipur constituency is located in Patna district). Having worked there for 12 years, I saw no harm in aspiring for the seat. We know every second household in Patna.

Why didn’t the BJP let you contest from that seat?
Nitin Naveen, the sitting BJP MLA from Digha (which has been allotted to the JD(U)), had won the previous election by a margin of 68,000 votes. So, the party had to accommodate him first.

So, you were laying claim to the seat because of the post your father holds?
Not at all. Among the aspirants, the BJP considered me as someone who would fare well. It was decided that Bankipur would be given to me and Digha to Naveen. But unfortunately, owing to coalition politics, Digha went out of the party’s hands.

Your father has been in the news mainly because you were denied a ticket. What is the real story?
It is all a media creation. My father did not resign because I was denied a ticket. I work for the party. This is not my introduction to politics. I have contested before.

Does it bother you that you don’t have a strong political identity and are known more as your father’s son?
You cannot deny your legacy. You have to live with it. But all I have to say about myself is that I am a grassroots worker and have risen up the organisational ladder only because of my work and not because of whose son I am. My first identity is that of a BJP worker.

By quitting, didn’t your father give his rivals an opportunity to disparage the party leadership at a crucial time?
His decision was emotional. Let’s not dwell much on it.


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