Further trouble for BJP, Mufti sticks to his Pakistan comment

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Soon after taking office as Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  has landed himself in big trouble not only for himself but also putting his alliance partner BJP in a tight spot.  The  Chief Minister  caused a furore  by saying that the Hurriyat, Pakistan and Militants had allowed a conducive atmosphere for peaceful assembly polls in the state.  Moreover, unfazed that his comments received a strong reaction from BJP and creating furore in parliament, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  went a step further and  strongly defended his remarks  saying : “What I have said, I have said, will stand by that”.  “Pakistan, Hurriyat recognized the institution of democracy in India, they did not interfere as they used to.”

Terming Sayeed’s remarks as “insult” to the people of the Jammu and Kashmir, National Conference leader Mohmmad Akbar Lone while demanding an apology from the Chief Minister said : “It is really unfortunate statement that a politician of the caliber of Mufti Sahab has made. Those who voted and made democracy win in Jammu and Kashmir have been denied credit by the Chief Minister”. He added : “This is an insult to the people of the state and Mufti Sahab should not only tender an apology to the people of the state but should also take his words back”.

Meanwhile, defending her father’s remarks, PDP chief and Member Parliament Mehbooba Mufti said the CM’s remarks did not discredit the people of J&K.

Sayeed’s comments saw opposition parties  questioning the stability of the PDP – BJP alliance.  Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was critical of  Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s comment  saying : “The Congress party feels strongly that the statement by the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, essentially giving credit for the peaceful elections there to the militants and separatists, was completely uncalled for, indeed was a disgrace.”

Tharoor further said : “For us, the credit for peaceful elections in Jammu and Kashmir goes first of all to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They also go to the Election Commission for conducting this election and to the security forces for having maintained a peaceful environment in which the elections could take place.”

“[The BJP-PDP alliance] clearly seems to be an unnatural marriage because most of those who have voted for the PDP voted to stop the BJP. But it already has become a troubled marriage. The honeymoon didn’t seem to last very long, because today, the Home Minister has dissociated his government and party from the statement of his partner. This is not exactly a terrific beginning for an unnatural marriage.”

Other parties too reacted strongly . The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati  said the Election commission has played a prominent role in free and fair polls in Jammu and Kashmir, and added that it is not correct to give credit to somebody else for it. “I would like to tell you that their (BJP and PDP) thinking is different and their polices with regard to Jammu and Kashmir are different. So, when their thinking and policies are different, the coalition government there will not continue for long,” she added.


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