Free health checkup campaign by ‘Swachh Bharat, Swastha Bharat’ gets footfall at IITF 2015


photo07India International Trade Fair, a platform known to spread awareness about the diversity of Indian culture, as well as invite foreign businesses to invest in India, this year, took a step towards initiating cautiousness regarding health and health related issues, amongst Delhites.

Often, ignorance towards health related issues can have disastrous consequences; thus, to raise awareness about this issue, a Government India enterprise, HLL Lifecare Limited, launched an initiative to provide free health checkups to the visitors at this year’s Trade Fair, held at Pragati Maidan.

“We have seven camps in IITF offering free health check-ups, like, blood Sugar, blood pressure, blood tests, BMI, etc. 1850 people came for the checkups at our Camp 4, near the international pavilion. This initiative has been on for the last few years, and we even have our counselors to guide the patients for their benefit, refer them to government hospitals. The team of doctors and volunteers are working hard to involve and influence the masses to go for regular health checkups”, said Abhilash K.S, junior territory officer, at HLL Lifecare limited.

Enthusiastic volunteers were seen informing, and educating, the attendees about benefits of regular health checkups. Volunteers were seen walking about the premises of the checkup booth, displaying signs like, “You quit I Quit #Smoking&Alcohol”, “Please Keep Tobacco & Alcohol Away from me”, “Mantra is get healthy, get moving, get Life”, trying to promote the message that, one should look after their health as much as possible.

The volunteers’ enthusiasm was shared by the attendees as they flocked in great number to get a free check up at the camp.

Camps encouraging people to try alternative medicines like ayurveda, homeopathy, and yoga, were being run alongside the free health checkup camps.

Apart from the Trade Fair, HLL Lifecare limited, regularly sets up such camps at various locations across Delhi, for the betterment of the people. This year’s initiative at the trade fair saw a major footfall of around 10,000 people, each day that the fair was on.


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