France, Germany reel under deadly floods, Louvre shut down



The weather has taken a drastic turn on the streets of France and Germany resulting in violent wind gusts and torrential rain in both plains and mountains. As River Seine in the heart of Paris surged to its highest level in 30 years, the famous Louvre museum has also been shut down. Thousands of residents in France have been evacuated following the worsening flood-situation. Wet weather has affected France for the past one week. Both Germany and France have declared a state of emergency as casualties have been reported.

In the German town of Simbach am Inn in Bavaria, water came gushing through the streets as torrential rains have uprooted trees and caused destruction. Four people have reportedly died in the German town.

Following a similar downpour, upstream Southern Germany, Braunsbach has debris of shattered buildings, rocks and destroyed vehicles. The water in Triftern, also in Bavaria, rushed through and left behind a flood deep enough to submerge vehicles.

River Yvette which is twenty kilometers to the south burst from its banks, flooding Longjumeau in knee deep waters. In Nemours, further south still, as the River Loing rose well above flood level, rescue boats have been launched.