Fostering a creative streak


Talent requires nurturing. It is said that one has to polish one’s talent to hone it up for the future.

We Sprawl is an informal group based out of New Delhi that works with youth and children. The group aims to inspire youth from various strata of society and helps in exploring creative skills. It conducts photo journalism workshops, theatre, film making and documentary classes, radio workshops across India.

In 2012, a five-day basic training photo and film workshop was conducted by the organisation for Tibetan kids in Gopalpur, Himachal Pradesh. In March 2013, a workshop was organised for students of the Pinegrove school in Kasauli. Children are given basic lessons in photography and film making in the workshops. “Technology can change, but aesthetics do not, and this knowledge comes in handy,” say the founding members.

We Sprawl was found by Jamia Millia Islamia alumni A Anjum and Sumiran Preet Kaur in 2010. Both founders are involved in film making. They have worked in various educational institutions, NGOs and have made documentaries with screenings in international film festivals.

The group has also conducted workshops for kids from both privileged and underprivileged backgrounds on one platform. A workshop was organised by PVR and TERI where children prepared one-minute documentaries. There was another workshop conducted for slum children in association with the NGO Deepalaya.

We Sprawl provides a new dimension to children looking to explore creative fields like photojournalism or film making instead of conventional careers. Their upcoming projects include a workshop in Alwar and a fiction film which is at the scripting stage.


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