Former Oklahoma City Officer Daniel Holtzclaw convicted of sexually assaulting minority women

Daniel Holtzclaw

Former Oklahoma city officer Daniel Holrzclaw, 29, was convicted on 10 December, on five accounts of rape and 13 other accounts of sexual assault cases, including, six of sexual battery, against eight women.

As per the jury’s recommendation, he has to serve a 263 years of jail term, including a 30-year sentence on each of the four first-degree rape convictions. He was convicted for sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, procuring lewd exhibition and second-degree rape.

Later, a jury will decide whether he is supposed to serve the sentences.

When the verdict was loudly read, Holtzclaw sobbed in the presence of his mother, sister and father who is also a police officer in Enid, about 100 miles northwest of Oklahoma city.

Seven armed deputies were stationed around several black community leaders present there and atleast one accuser.
Holtzclaw’s defence attorney Scott Adams did not comment over after the verdict was read.

As per online sources, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said,“Justice was done today, and a criminal wearing a uniform is going to prison now. In those counts where the not verdicts came back, they determined that we didn’t prove those cases beyond a reasonable doubt. It doesn’t mean they didn’t believe the victims.”

Kim Davis, the lead detective in the case was felling horrible for his family. He said that it was brutal, but he thinks justice was served.

The allegations against Holtzclaw have brought new attention to the matter of sexual misconduct committed by the law enforcement officials.

The jury found statements from 13 women, who said Holtzclaw sexually victimized them. Most of the women told that Holtzclaw stopped them during the time he was out on patrol, checked them for outstanding warrants and to see whether they were carrying any drug paraphernalia, then forced himself on them.

There was also a grandmother in her 50s among the eight other women who got attacked by Holtzclaw. She launched the police investigation, and said that while she was driving back for home, late night, Holtzclaw pulled her over. She said that Holtzclaw firstly asked her if she had been drunk, then ordered her into the back seat of his squad car and asked her to perform oral sex.

While, the old lady was the first victim to testify, the last one was a teenager, was just 17, when she was attacked by Holtzclaw. He got convicted on three charges related to the teenager’s case, including, first-degree rape, second-degree rape and sexual battery.

Regardless of a number of victims, the case presented prosecutors with several challenges. Many of the women who were the victims had arrest records or some had histories of drug abuse. Adams made those issues strategically and questioned several women about whether they were high on drugs when they allegedly encountered Holtzclaw. But that approach did not sway the jury to dismiss all the women’s stories.

All of Holtzclaw’s victims were African American. The jury on the other hand was comprised of white Americans, though Oklahoma court officials said that they did not have any information regarding the race of the jurors. Some of the victim’s supporters of questioned the fairness of the jury’s judgement.

A former college football star, Holtzclaw joined the law enforcement after a brief attempt at pursuing an NFL career. Oklahoma City police chief Bill Citty fired Mr. Holtzclaw before the trial began.