For showing muslims in “poor light”, Akshay Kumar’s Baby banned in Pakistan

Akshay Kumar in a still from Baby
Akshay Kumar in a still from Baby

Bollywood films that have anti-Pakistan themes, it seems, rub the Pakistan Censor Board the wrong way.  After banning superstar Salman  Khan starrer  Ek Tha Tiger, since it featured a character of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agent,  now the Pak Censor Board has banned Akshay Kumar’s latest film Baby – a film directed by Neeraj  Pandey of Special 26 fame.  Incidentally, Akshay was the lead actor in Special 26 and the film besides getting rave reviews and loved by the masses  was a huge Box-office success.  Now the duo return once again on the big screen.

  ‘Baby’ is about an Indian spy on a mission to catch a dreaded terrorist. “Censor boards in Islamabad and Karachi have decided to ban the film because it portrays a negative image of Muslims and the negative characters in the film also have Muslim names,” the Dawn newspaper said. All CDs and DVDs of the film have also been banned in Islamabad. The film stars famed Pakistani TV drama actor Mikaal Zulfiqar as well as Rasheed Naz, who played the villainous cleric in Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Khuda Ke Liye’.

 Earlier, director Neeraj Pandey was quoted as saying that the film was not “anti-Pakistan” or “anti-Islam”.


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