1. Indian Economy is in shambles, what is the Public Revenue (Fiscal) collected by the Government in a financial year 2012-2013 and what was the Fiscal deficit ? simple calculations that a lay man can understand. Vote Bank Politics of all the Governments Free bees distributed, subsidies offered by the Governments to the People out of one rupee it reaches 35% to 40% to the People as said by Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi Ji, remaining 65% to 60% has been knocked away by the corrupt Politico, Bureaucratico, Power Brokerocatico nexus. Where The Government had lost its Revenue collecting taxes or Sale of Mines Lands, Government Lands, allotment of 2G Spectrum for first come first allotment for throwaway Price that caused heavy loss to the Government. The Government to reduce fiscal deficit has been started Disinvestment of Public Sector undertakings that is the remedy invented by the Government to destroy Public Sector undertakings is it not violation of Preamble of the Constitution of India SOCIALIST? In the Opinion of Economist Scholars that 1991 Economic Reforms/Economic Liberalization of the Government of India failed that caused low rate of Economic growth, high inflation, high fiscal deficit, high percent of educated/uneducated unemployment, Percentage of poor have been very high. Economist Scholars opinion that India will have to implement Socialist Economic Policies, to establish Government owned Industries, Mining Corporations to go for Public issue, every Material source must be owned by the government must be used for the larger interest of the People of India. SOCIAL JUSTICE that is Justice, Social, Economic, Political to Equalize Economic Disparities of POOR & RICH so that there will be peace and Prosperity in India. Indians need Political Party has Ideology of Socialist, Social Justice will be able to revive the Indian Economy see high growth rate to develop India into developed country that is the only remedy to present Economic, Social, Political crisis. Whether it is the combination of Marxists, Socialist and Social Justice Ideology of Political Parties. I, Kolla Gangadhar, The Secretary, Forum For Social Justice, India.


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