Five UAE officials killed in Kandahar bombing, Taliban refuses to take responsibity


afgan terror attackAccording to United Arab Emirates’ official news agency, five diplomats got killed in the bombing in one of the string of bombings that hit three Afghan cities Kandahar, Afghanistan on January 10.

Taliban has refused to take the responsibility for the attack and said they did not plant the bomb in southern Afghanistan which wounded the UAE’s ambassador and other diplomats. The Taliban issued a statement on January 11 that said they did not plant the bomb, instead blamed an “internal local rivalry” for the attack.

According to the agency, the officials were “on a mission to carry out humanitarian, educational and development projects.”

The UAE will observe three days of mourning in honour of the martyrs who gave their lives in defence of humanitarian causes. The UAE will fly the nation’s flags at half-mast in their honour.

Nearly 50 people were killed and 100 wounded in the string of blasts, one of which struck the provincial governor´s office during a visit by the UAE delegation.

Provincial police chief Abdul Raziq said Kandahar’s governor and UAE envoy Juma Mohammed Abdullah Al Kaabi were wounded by flames from the explosion, but many others were burned beyond recognition.