First look: Works in the making


Dangerous CelebrationDangerous Celebration.
 Hassan Abdulrazzak’s play Baghdad Wedding is about how wrong a wedding can go. It spans and straddles the London cityscape, Baghdad’s chaos and the politics of identity and sexuality.
Where: Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai
When: 20 April, 6 PM


Stories In Tutus

Stories In Tutus. The School of Russian Classical Ballet is arranging a balletic version of Pavel Bazhov’s classic fairytale, The Stone Flower. About 150 children, of different nationalities, will pirouette to Russian folklore.
Where: Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi
When: 29 April, 6 PM[/box]

How It Should Be. Nandini Rao and Ranji David’s experimental play Common Man Ver 2.0 is serious about engaging the audience. As they watch the caricatured life, relationships and the journey of a common man in the city, it’s up to them to think of and suggest a suitable ending.
Where: Ada Rangamandira, Bengaluru
When: 22 April, 7 PM



Why So Serious? Get a peek into the minds of the campus crowd. Run by folks who claim to entertain, the site features light-hearted takes on everything from music, cinema, sports to superheroes, sex and the Norwegian child custody case. While away a few hours before the bell rings.



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