Filmmaker Mani Ratnam in Good Heath, clears Cardiac arrest rumour

Mani Ratnam

Veteran filmmaker Mani Ratnam visited a private hospital in Delhi for a master heath checkup. Earlier in , there was rumour that he had admitted to a private hospital in Delhi due to heart-attack.

 “Mani and his wife were holidaying in Delhi. A master health checkup was long overdue. He got it in done in a hospital in Delhi to avoid Chennai public eye,” Mala Manyan, executive producer of Mani Ratnam’s latest release ‘Ok Kanmani’, told IANS

 Ratnam is widely credited with having revolutionized the Tamil film industry and altering the profile of Indian cinema. Ratnam is well known for 1992 hit Roja. Bombay (1995), Dil Se (1998), Guru (2007) are some of his notable works.


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