Film review: Bipasha Basu’s horrex movie Alone is a joke


alone-bipasha basu

In the quest to become the Horror Queen of Bollywood, the hot and sultry Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has delivered yet another disappointment in the form of her latest horrex movie Alone. Even the rumors of Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu being in a secret releationship after falling in love on the sets of this movie won’t be able to save this one.

Bhushan Patel, who tasted success with his earlier horrex movie Ragini MMS 2, is back with another one hoping for an encore. But the movie lacks the treatment, although the plot seems interesting, that can hold the attention of the viewers for the entire length of the movie. The movie is about conjoined twins Anjana and Sanjana (Bipasha) who fall for the same guy named Kabir (Karan Singh Grover). One of the conjoined sisters dies during a surgery to separate them. Sanjana who is the surviving sister is then haunted by her dead twin Anjana.

Although the chemistry between Bipasha and “boyfriend” Karan is good but that in itself will not suffice. There are a few spooky scenes copied from Hollwood movies but they fail to leave the desired results because the movie is mostly predictable. Also, Alone has too much melodrama for a horror movie.

The movie has been ‘inspired’ from the 2007 Thai movie by the same name.

Ever since Raaz, the ride has been downhill for this beauty in the horror genre.

The only hope now for the makers of Alone is to recover their investments which could be possible as the movie has been made on a low budget, provided it picks up at the box office in the coming couple of days.


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