Federation of Indian Airlines bars Gaikwad from flying on AI


Ravindra GaikwadShiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad may be barred from flying on Air India after he had hit an AI customs officer with a slipper at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on March 23. He was coming from Pune.

While AI was yet to respond, Federation of Indian Airlines has blacklisted Gaikwad. The FIA is an organisation which has Jet Airways, IndiGo, Go Air, SpiceJet and JetLite as its members.

Meanwhile, AI is planning to propose a list of passengers who may not fly due to their bad behaviour onboard flights. The proposal may be made and implemented soon.

After implemented, Gaikwad, who has admitted to assaulting an AI staffer, would be on the list. However, an order to blacklist Gailkwad has been issued.

“I do not regret and I will not apologise,” maintained Gaikwad. He went on to dare Air India to blacklist from flying on the airline, adding that if AI employees misbehaved with him again in the future, he will repeat his actions.

Meanwhile, the Shiv Sena has asked that Gaikwad explain his actions.