Federal Bureau of Love


The Plot

J Edgar

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Judi Dench

J Edgar ist the love story of a highly intelligent and focused man chasing a vision, while being stuck between the old-school religious values of his mother, his times and his own sexuality. We meet he man (Hammer), who is the object of his affection, his personal secretary (Watts) with whom he shares a special relationship and his mother (Dench). The movie tells us the story of early 20th century America by breaking down the psyche of one of the most prominent Americans of that time.

By Mona J

+10 To Dicaprio, who bravely maps new roads to historical characters. Minus eight for J Edgar though. His boyish voice and face just can’t hide behind the make-up. Although plus two because when he walks to his mum in a beret, we wanted to say, “Jack! You’re back!”

+5 To Clint Eastwood And Writer Dustin Lance Black of Milk fame. Minus three because what is up with Clint Eastwood and lost babies?!

Stills from the movie J Edgar
Stills from the movie J Edgar

+5 To Naomi Watts’ Anima Archetype, Miss Gandy, underplayed to perfection. Plus five to Judi Dench’s dominating superego of a mother.

+7 To The Whole Cast. Solid acting from each of the leads.

-8 To The Scene Where Edgar Delivers A Speech to get a Bill passed that would empower the FBI. It sounded like James Franco performing poetry as Allen Ginsberg in Howl. Plus two to Edgar’s Hitleresque scene where he downsizes the bureau to sharpen it further.

+3 To The Hammer-Dicaprio Chemistry in between their investigative duties. It was better than Downey Jr and Law, especially when they were bitching about people’s aesthetics. Plus two for their relationship resolution: good day or bad, whether we agree or disagree, we’ll never miss lunch or dinner.

+4 For The Depiction Of The Passage Of Time,setting it in an investigation in a biopic. We get a real sense of how much time it actually took for the most basic investigations, something we more than take for granted in CSI.

+7 To The Make-Up, Costumes, Sets And Props.The production values made sure that we were teleported to that time. The performances made it all the more believable. Plus four because the rigidity of J Edgar’s character is used as the perfect yardstick for all that changed within his lifetime in America, much like the TV set in the Korean movie Oldboy.



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