Father of Short Messaging Service Matti Makkonen dies at 63



Father of Short Messaging Service (SMS), Matti Makkonen, died at the age of 63. Makkonen, who hails from Finland, gave the idea (SMS) at a telecom conference in 1984, but finalised it on 3 December, 1992.

While Makkonen is credited with the idea for SMS, he, however, was quick to point out it was a joint effort and not his sole work. In a rare message to BBC, in 2012, he said that the advent of SMS was when the Nokia 2010 handset popularised it in 1994.

To prove he was a thinker when the asked by the interviewer if he had any other bright ideas for the future, he replied, “Not my idea but integration of mobile content display to my eyeglasses would be nice. Maybe someone is working with it?”

To quote Makkonen, “I never expected SMS to become so popular, but thought of it more as “another feature in mobile communications system, useful for business needs.”

He also said that though pay-per-message SMS services wouldn’t hold water, text messaging would always have a place in communication, be it Facebook chat, Skype, among others.


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