Fans go berserk on social media, streets after India’s World Cup 2015 exit


Australia - 6Unfortunately, India have crashed out of the World Cup 2015 after a dream run till the semifinal. It can’t be denied that they have done the country proud with their performances, considering the fact that they were the pre-tournament whipping boys. After a win-less streak in Australia for close to 4 months, India came into the tournament with zilch expectations. However, they turned it around with some superlative displays during the pool stage and quarterfinals. Unfortunately, their only loss in the semifinal put a full stop to their World Cup campaign. Let us be a bit compassionate and say well done India. But our cricket fans have a different take altogether.

Cricket is just a game but in India it is a religion. Indian public are very passionate about the game but at the same time very intolerant also. For them cricketers are god when the team is doing well. However, their perception undergoes a humongous change when the Indian team have off-days. Suddenly cricketers become pariah, a social out caste. Forget about the players, the irate fans attack their personal lives as well. So their reactions after the loss to the Australia were not only illogical but also demeaning. Why can’t they accept that a better team won and move on. Why do they behave in such manner? Is it because India does not have enough talent in other spheres that they expect a moon out of our cricket player. Or are Indians tired of the rampant chaos around themselves that they try to seek some solace from the game. Whatever be the reason, this kind of vandalism has to stop.

For example, there were snaps on Twitter showing angry fans smashing TV sets after India’s loss. Also, social media was in a way subverted to target Bollywood actor and Virat Kohli’s girlfriend Anushka Sharma. Kohli scored just 1 run and fans on Twitter went berserk. It looked as if they were looking for an opportunity to slam Anushka for India’s defeat. The kind of tweets that were running on Twitter was really in bad taste. Many were personal in nature. How can Anushka’s presence at SCG have an adverse affect on Kohli’s performance?


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