Facebook’s new video app ‘Riff’, make videos with friends



Facebook has just launched a new application that allows you to record videos and share it.

“But what’s new?” you might ask.

The ‘Riff’ works a little differently from most similar applications, but the tiny additional feature has the potential to catch on like an epidemic, like Facebook-owned Instagram, given the company’s name and reputation.

Riff allows you to record, share and send videos, but it also allows your friends to stitch their videos to the end of yours, possibly allowing for a very large video to be created from very small individual pieces.

Users can browse through different tags for which they might like to record a video. Once they’ve selected a topic, they have three seconds – a countdown appears on screen – to prepare themselves for the camera. They can then choose to re-record or discard the recording. Every user can post a video of up to 20 seconds in length. The videos are tagged and friends can choose to contribute to the project. Facebook is expected to introduce an option to skips sections once the video extends beyond a certain runtime. The video could potentially go on for an extremely long time, with friend after friend tacking on their recordings.

Riff was developed by Facebook employees as a fun after-hours side project. This isn’t the first of this kind of endeavour by Facebook. The company had previously released Paper and Mentions, two applications that are not doing quite as well as they would like.

Not everyone is convinced of the potential of Riff, with some saying that is simply a gimmick or another pointless social media tool. But the success of the tools will be unpredictable, considering the number of factors that go into determining the popularity of an application in the social and digital world.

Riff is available on both iOS and Android.


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