Facebook Lite launched for 2G / Slow Connection Users

Facebook Lite for areas with 2G, poor internet connections
Facebook Lite for areas with 2G, poor internet connections

Designed specially for slow data connections user, Facebook has finally launched a light version of the Facebook app called “Facebook Lite”. The Facebook Lite app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. As promised by Facebook, the app will give users ‘fast performance’ in low network coverage area and 2G networks.

“There are a large number of users, who are on 2G, and one of the feedbacks we have received is that the app does not load fast on some devices. This lighter version has been developed so that the app works well across all network conditions and on all types of phones,” said Vijay Shankar, Product Manager at Facebook Lite.

India has a user base of 125 million, out of which 13 million new users signed up in the last six months and is Facebook’s second-biggest market. More than 53 million Indian users use Facebook on their mobile phones, everyday.

“We noticed that many people who are on low-end phones are forced to delete some apps so that they can keep the Facebook app. With this lighter version, they won’t have to do that. Also, this is quick to install and load,” he said. Many functions have been tweaked so that users get the same experience as the original app but with lower data usage, he said.

The app comes at just 430 KB which means that users can download the app quickly. It includes push notifications, messaging and ads, but doesn’t support videos, for now.


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