Exports rise 3.79% to USD 26.75 billion in January

No work Exports of Indian goods have slowed down
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New Delhi, Feb 11 (PTI) : India’s exports increased 3.79 per cent to USD 26.75 billion in January, helping the trade deficit to narrow to USD 9.92 billion.

For the April-January period, exports were up 5.71 per cent to USD 257.09 billion.

Commerce Secretary Rajeev Kher said going by the cumulative figures, India is likely to achieve the export target of USD 325 billion for the current financial year, which ends in March.

Imports declined 18.07 per cent to USD 36.67 billion in January.

Gold and silver imports declined 77 per cent to USD 1.72 billion against USD 7.49 billion in the same month last year.


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