Explosion in Beijing Airport, triggered by man on wheelchair

Beijing blasts triggered by a handicapped man Photo - PTI
Beijing blasts triggered by a handicapped man
Photo – PTI

Beijing, 20 Jul (PTI): A Chinese man in a wheelchair, reportedly aggrieved over being assaulted by police, today set off an explosion at Beijing International Airport, injuring himself and causing panic.

Ji Zhongxing, 34, reportedly paralysed in a beating by police, set off an explosive device made from materials used in firecrackers.

He detonated the device after he was stopped from handing out leaflets to draw attention to his complaints.

Ji was wounded, but suffered no life-threatening injuries and is currently being treated in hospital, state-run media said.

Pictures of Ji on Sina Weibo microblogging site – showing him throwing up his arms with a white object in his hand – went viral soon after the explosion at 6.24 pm local time.

The explosion created panic in the airport.

Ji, hailing from north eastern Shandong province, fell off the wheelchair and sustained injuries.

Reports said Ji set off the explosion to highlight the violent treatment allegedly meted out to him by police that resulted in his paralysis.

He reportedly set off the low-intensity device at the arrival terminal, where there are fewer security checks, to highlight his plight.

His identification scotched rumours that the blast was a terrorist attack.

The police cordon at the arrivals terminal exit was later removed and the airport resumed normal services, Xinhua reported.


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