[EXCLUSIVE] Telangana is a false consensus – Jagan Reddy



Digvijaya Singh has put out a letter you wrote in 2011, where you have stated that you respect the people’s sentiments and are okay with the creation of Telangana. Why are you then now fasting against that very decision?
These are tactics of lies, bulldozing and creating a false consensus. We have written three or four letters to the prime minister and to the home minister where we have clearly stated that all we want is a solution acceptable to everybody without injustice to any one, in a fair, just and equitable manner. That was what we said in the first letter. Digvijaya Singh tried to bulldoze his opinion even then. So we again wrote to the prime minister and home minister, twice, to stop bifurcation. Three parties in Andhra Pradesh are against the bifurcation — YSR Congress, the CPM and the MIM — and that is clearly not a consensus to go ahead.

We have also said in that letter that Digvijaya Singh is misrepresenting facts. Usually before a Cabinet note, the Assembly resolution is taken into consideration. It is only then that the bifurcation process starts. In this case, you are leaving aside states where the Assemblies have passed resolutions in favour of bifurcation, like in the cases of Uttar Pradesh and Vidarbha and are coming to Andhra Pradesh where there is no consensus. In any case, how can anybody say that when 60 percent of the people go on a strike, it is acceptable to everyone?

But as a party whose stakes are high in the upcoming General Election, how important do you think Hyderabad is in the scheme of things if the bifurcation is to be a reality?
I believe that votes and seats are the byproducts of what we do. Even when I was in prison for 16 months, the issue of FDI in retail was up for vote, and if you recall, our party voted against it. Whereas Chandrababu Naidu got his Rajya Sabha MPs to abstain from the voting. Again, when all Opposition parties got together in the Assembly to pass a no-confidence motion against the Congress’ decision to levy the Rs 32,000 crore of hike on electricity on the people, Naidu went out of the way to issue a whip to protect the government.

Even now when the Centre has decided to split the state, we have been asking the TDP to take back their letter. The Congress has passed this resolution for the sake of votes and seats, the TDP is doing the same. Our decision to oppose bifurcation might have negative repercussions, but we are not bothered about them. We are answerable to future generations. This division won’t go through. This kind of arbitrary and undemocratic manner of ignoring an Assembly resolution and pushing a decision cannot happen.

But, if bifurcation is to be a reality, what would be the ideal solution for Hyderabad?
The issues of water and Hyderabad have no solution. And nobody should be hurrying it.



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