Ex-defence minister tears apart Pakistan’s lies on Osama bin Laden



How does one decipher the claim made by ex-Pakistan Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar that the then government, including Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Yousaf Raza Gilani and then army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and the ISI knew about Osama’s presence on their soil?

The revelation that Pakistan’s civilian and military establishments knew that the world’s most wanted fugitive was hiding in Abbottabad in Pakistan before the US SEALs got him did not come as surprise given Pakistan’s fetish for lying on trivial and improtant matters.

This is nothing but normal behaviour of a rogue nation, which is indifferent to the concerns of the world on the issue of terrorism.

This claim highlights the lies of Gen Pervez Musharraf, who said that he was 500% sure no one in the Pakistani army knew of Osama’s presence in Abbottabad.

Chaudhry Mukhtar’s revelation shows that the Pakistan army and “other forces” knew of Osama’s whereabouts in Pakistan. On the Osama issue, the statement by ex-Interior Minister Rehman Malik has also proven to be a big lie.

What is surprising is the trust that Pakistan commands from the US, which continues to allocate funds and military aid knowing the truth.  Equally amazing is the inaction of organisations such as the UN for failing to declare Pakistan as a terror state.

It is unimaginable that Pakistan army didn’t know that Osama was living 800 yards from the Army Cantonment in Abbottabad. Equally unimaginable is the fact that Osama bin Laden’s third wife gave birth to two of their children in a Abbottabad hospital all under Pakistan army’s nose.

Leon Panetta, former CIA Director and Carlotta Gall, the New York Times Correspondent, considered an authority on Pakistan, said that Pakistan army was in the know about Osama’s location.

This clearly explains why Pakistan managed to scuttle talks with India thrice in the recent past, doesn’t want to have a dialogue with the present Indian government, which has been insisting on terror being the major subject of discussions.

The world is waiting for more such revelations to emerge before pronouncing their verdict on Pakistan. Pakistan’s all-weather friend China, which has recently pledged investment worth $46 billion dollars in Pakistan, will realise its folly of siding with a nation such as Pakistan.

The US too will realise that Pakistan was never a strategic ally when something against US interests emerges in future. But when that time comes, it may be too late to contain the multi-headed monster that Pakistan is taming, said Chaudhary.

The sooner the world realises the urgency to check the direction the policy of Pakistan, under the supervision of the Army, is heading towards, the better it will be for world peace.


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