‘Everyone affiliated with the Kashmiri movement will have a case registered against them’


Anjum Zamarud Habib, 50, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Anjum Zamarud Habib
Photo: Tarun Sehrawat

ANJUM ZAMARUD Habib, a founding member of the United Hurriyat Conference, chose to take up women’s issues in Jammu & Kashmir, where women had no voice amid growing militancy.

“I have always been a part of the resistance movement in Kashmir. Anyone who is affiliated with the resistance movement in Kashmir will have a case registered against them at some point or the other,” she says. Like many others, Anjum was picked up by the Delhi Police.

Having been invited by International Alert for a conference in Bangkok, Anjum was planning a visit to Pakistan, the US and Thailand. However, en route from the Pakistan High Commission to the Thai Embassy, she was arrested.

Anjum was charged with funding terror outfits. She alleges that the police planted money and digital equipment in her bag. She spent 10 days at the interrogation centre before she was shifted to Tihar jail, where she spent four years and 10 months after which she was acquitted. Today, her organisation, Forgotten Prisoners of Kashmir, fights for the rights of Kashmiris imprisoned across the country.

Avalok Langer is a Senior Correspondent with Tehelka. 
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