‘Even my juniors have big houses and swanky cars’

Sanjay Bhoosreddy
Photo: Ajay Singh

Sanjay Bhoosreddy, 45, Bureaucrat, Lucknow

After 19 years of working in the country’s elite IAS services, Sanjay Bhoosreddy does not own a house or a vehicle. He says that he has inadequate savings to fulfill his family’s dream. He says he feels like he is the only bureaucrat in the Uttar Pradesh cadre who does not own a house or a car. Even his juniors have large houses and swanky cars, he notes. But Sanjay has no regrets. “I have cut down heavily on whatever little luxuries we used to have earlier and thus doubled my savings. My priority is to save enough for the higher studies of my two sons. One is in Class X and the other is in Class IV. The house and car will come later.” Sanjay says he has firmly banned the arrival of gifts at his doorstep and that he never entertains any unreasonable demands from his political masters. This has caused its share of suffering but, in his opinion, his family is happy with his work-ethic. Sanjay’s only indulgence is his fondness for going to the gym. He goes to a nearby gym everyday and loves the broken down old treadmill which he has at home.


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