Emergency Imposers Are Now Talking About Intolerance: Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister
Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister

Union finance minister Arun Jaitley on Friday launched a scathing attack at the Congress, saying, “Those who talk about intolerance snatched the right to life and liberty.”

Referring to the 1975 Emergency imposed by the Indira Gandhi government, Jaitley said the biggest challenge before the country was the suspension of Article 21 of the Constitution – the citizens of India had lost the right to life and liberty.

“That was dictatorship at its worst. The biggest right is the right to life. Today if someone comes in front of the cameras and gives an irresponsible comment, we call it intolerance,” Mr Jaitley added.

“You don’t need a military dictatorship. There are illustrations in history and of those, the most glaring example is what happened in Germany in 1933. Constitutional provisions were used to subvert democracy,” the BJP leader said.

“A constitution and its provisions were used to subvert democracy during the Third Reich in Germany. You imposed Emergency, detain Opposition leaders (to get the required numbers), censored newspapers, and brought into force a 25-point economic programme,” Jaitley said.


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