El Nino has ended, expect a full monsoon: Australian Weather Bureau


MonsoonThe Australian met department has announced the ending of the strongest and longest spell of El Nino in two decades. The El Nino is a natural phenomenon caused by the warming of surface waters in the Pacific Ocean and affects weather in many parts of the world. The recent spell is held responsible for the long drought conditions and high summer temperatures in India and the rest of Southeast Asia. The termination of El Nino promises a good monsoon season with plenty of rain between July extending up to October.

Officials from BoM (Bureau of Met, Australia) have claimed that the waters in the Pacific have returned to more normal temperatures marking the end of El Nino. Though it is a breather for people hit by drought across many countries, a forecast of floods in August and September has been made by officials. The bureau is now watching out for the opposite phenomenon, La Nina, which is likely to emerge by the end of the year.

The monsoon is likely to set in on June 7 over Kerala, according to India’s met department. Recently, a depression in the Bay of Bengal led to formation of Cyclone Roanu over the southeast coast of India and brought heavy rainfall.