EC announces poll dates for 5 states


The Chief election commissioner VS Sampath today announced the poll dates for  Assembly elections in five states. The states going to the polls are Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram. According to the CEC all these five states will account for electorate of over 11 crores. Total no of polling stations in these five states is 1,30,000. Elaborate security measures in all places and voting would be conducted via electronic voting machines. Model code of conduct would come into immediate effect upon announcement of elections.

For the first time awareness observers will be deployed, their role will be to oversee measures for voter awareness and facilitation. The EC is deploying adequate no of general, police, awareness observers and micro observers at critical polling stations. Also as per the Supreme Court Judgement None of the above option will be on the EVMs in these elections.

Chhattisgarh will be the first state to go to polls. Chhattisgarh Assembly polls to be held in two phases. The notification for 1st phase will come on Oct 18, last date for nominations is Oct 25, scrutiny will be on Oct 26, and the polls will take place on Nov 11. The 2nd phase in Chhattisgarh election will be on 19 November. Single-phase polls in Madhya Pradesh will be held on November 25. Rajasthan Assembly poll will take place on December 1. The Delhi Assembly poll will be held on December 4. For Delhi, date of issue of notification is Nov 9, late date of nomination is Nov 16 and date for withdrawal of nomination is Nov 18. Mizoram Assembly poll will take place on December 4. For Madhya Pradesh, the date of notification is 1 Nov, last date of nomination 8 Nov, and the scrutiny of nomination will take place on 9 Nov, and the date of poll is 25 November. Two bye-elections – Surat (west) and a Tamil Nadu constituency will take place  on 4 December.

Counting of votes in all five states will be on December 8. Opinion polls have been banned from being published 48hrs before the polls.


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