Early adopter disappointed with Airtel 4g data speeds

Bharti Airtel launches pan-India 4G servicesBharti Airtel launches pan-India 4G services
Bharti Airtel launches pan-India 4G services

Contrary to the tall claims made in their high decible promotional ads, Airtel 4g has been more of a disappointment than a revolution. Early adopters are ridiculing the abysmal performance of the next generation internet connectivity provided by Airtel, which is now the third largest telecom service provider in the world, and are taking out their frustration on social media by trolling the network. While 4g services are suppose to be twice as fast as 3g, users seem to not have noticed much of a difference. Airtel has begun providing 4g services in the national capital as well since June and that too at the same price of 3g.

As per International Telecommunications Union-Radio communications sector (ITU-R) 4G standards, the International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced) specification set peak speed requirements for the service is 100 megabits per second. Tehelka tried testing the 4g data speed but never did the figure touch even half that mark. More importantly, at times the net speed was slightly over 1 mbps (download).

Hence, the bottom line is that, the 4g service by Airtel leaves a lot to be desired. And if that was not enough, it’s hard to find good connection on the network most of the time, a result of which is that the battery drains earlier than usual. Some parts of Delhi don’t have 4g services at all. It does not end there, call dropping on the network has become a frequent affair much to the chagrin of customers.

Below are some of the reactions to Airtel 4g services of customers expressing their displeasure:

There’s more:

And more

The social media is inundated with such trolls


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