Due to her religion, Muslim asked to vacate flat in Mumbai


misbah-quadri1A Muslim woman on Wednesday was allegedly asked to vacate her flat in Mubai because of her religion, according to reports.

When Misbah Quadri, 25, was about to move into a 3-BHK apartment at Sanghvi Heights in Wadala, the broker allegedly told her that the housing society did not allow Muslims.

She was allegedly asked to submit her resume and sign a disclaimer, which said if she faced any harassment from her neighbours because of her religion, the builder, the owner and the broker would not be legally responsible.

Quadri, 25, had no choice but to move in even though she found the terms offensive. She already gave up her previous apartment. She had hoped she would be able to resolve the problem later.

A week later, however, the broker called her and allegedly threatened to throw her out of the flat. She alleges that she was asked to vacate the apartment and so were her friends, by association.

The housing society has denied her allegation. “We allow Muslim people to stay here. The broker should be asked about it,” said Rajesh, the supervisor of Sanghvi Heights.

Quadri said, “My friends have asked me to go to the National Human Rights Commission. Everyone has a limit to what they can take. I have reached mine.”

Lawyer and activist Shehzad Poonawala has drawn the attention of the state Minorities Commission to her case.

Last week in the city, 23-year-old Zeshan Khan, an MBA, was denied a job by a multi-national jewellery exports company, which said in an email: “We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.” The company later blamed the email on a trainee in its HR department.


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