Don’t wear skirts, Mahesh Sharma tells female tourists coming to India


Mahesh Sharma.Union minister of state for culture Mahesh Sharma said that female tourists coming to India should not wear skirts while replying to media queries.

Replying to questions on the safety of tourists in Agra, a big draw for those who travel to India to see the Taj Mahal, he said India was a country of different cultures and there was a dress code for temples. That should be kept in mind, he added.

However, the minister later retracted his comment or view by saying that the suggestion was made with regard to visits to religious places.

Asked whether he was recommending a dress code for tourists visiting India, he said, “I’m not telling them what to wear and what not to, but advising them they should be careful when they go out at night.”

Despite the clarification, he had to weather a storm on Twitter.

Kapil Mishra, a Delhi minister, tweeted he would write to Mahesh Sharma “requesting him not to insult the nation by issuing such advisories.”