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Meet Colaba’s prettiest girl, suggests Nisha Susan

Photo: Deepak Salvi

IF YOU are headed to Mumbai as a tourist, chances are that not enough people are telling you to set aside a day to take a tour of the art district. Find a kindly culture-fiend friend and set out for South Mumbai — to Colaba to be specific. From the stodgy to the Prada slipper-wearing through the experimental/bewildering and back to the stodgy, you can find art to your heart’s content.

One place to start might be Third Pasta Lane, smack next to First and Second Pasta Lane (where else?). This is also a good place to start because of a certain blue-haired Manga girl who is suspended on what seems to be a strawberry stalk. Say hello to graffiti girl on the wall of the gallery Warehouse at Third Pasta, one of the spaces that Gallery Maskara uses for their far-from stodgy shows. You could take a quick look-see at the current show, say hello to galleryowner Abhay Maskara who will deal with your bewilderment at his avante-garde tastes kindly. Bandra has its big-eyed, frankly adorable koli girl graffiti too. But for our pick, it is this lost little girl.


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