DK Ravi death controversy: After the Glory comes the embarrassment

File Photo : IAS officer D K Ravi
File Photo : IAS officer D K Ravi

D K ravi’s suicide rocked the country , raising questions not just about why and how he died but also possible motives for the same. While the death has raised several questions already highlighting several wrong doings in the administrative set up of the department that he last worked in , it has become the biggest political challenge for the Siddharamaiah government.

Ever since coming to power, Siddharamiah has been involved in slug fests with former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy , the questions now being raised by political class is causing huge discomfort to several people who had been closely linked with D K Ravi when he was alive.

One thing that TEHELKA learns from Officers of Bangalore City Police in the preliminary investigation is that D K Ravi was under duress, a lot of stress which for last few days had forced him to be in a depressing mood. The call details of the deceased officer Ravi have led to a lot of speculation about the influence of a woman IAS officer and batch mate of D K Ravi ‘s life.

It is believed that the woman IAS officer shared a very good relationship with D K Ravi that he confided in her to a great extent about things that worried him. Unconfirmed reports have shared SMS details of D K Ravi with the woman IAS Officer ( TEHELKA does not wish to name her).

Sources have revealed that there were scores of calls to the woman IAS officer, including several messages on whatsapp and text messages which were exchanged between the two on several issues. Even though D K Ravi’s father in law Hanumanthrayappa speaking to this reporter had denied any such charge. ” There was no problem between my daughter and Ravi. They were happy together and only complaint that she had was that he used to come home late,” said Hanumnatharayappa on Wednesday.

But sources tell TEHELKA that even from family of his wife Kusuma Ravi, there was immense pressure on DK Ravi . It is her questioning by the officers of the CID which is leading the police to several elements about D K Ravi’s life which were hitherto unknown to many including family and friends. Sources tell TEHELKA that the woman officer has shared a lot of valuable information with the investigating officers which could lead to the possible reasons for the suicide by D K Ravi. Ravi had spoken to her at length about several issues between Sunday and Monday afternoon, till just before he ended his life.

While that element of the probe is still being kept in wrap , speculation around it has led to a fresh political spat between the JDS chief H D Kumaraswamy and Chief Minister Siddharamaiah. Sources tell TEHELKA that aware of the personal discord angle, the state chief minister Siddharamaiah had shared some of the information with some senior opposition leaders of the state with a request that hyping the case could cause some embarrassment for the dead soul.

But the JDS chief, H D Kumaraswamy seizing an opportunity to cause embarrassment to his bête noire , Chief Minister Siddharamaiah has managed to keep the pressure high on the government by giving it a caste spin . D K Ravi , who belonged to the Vokkalliga caste , a dominant caste of Karnataka had been against the caste discrimination. It was his visit to a Dalit household for lunch on 2nd October which brought the honest officer to limelight and made him people friendly in Kolar as its DC.

An IAS officer friend of D K Ravi told TEHELKA,” I fee sad that Ravi has to undergo so much humiliation, one by people raising questions about his character and second by trying to play up a caste campaign in his name. Ravi like most educated people was against the caste system.” But the political battle for supremacy between the two big leaders gave a completely new twist of a caste agitation to the protests with seers and caste outfits taking to the streets on Friday.

With both sides unrelenting on the matter, it continues to snowball into a bigger conflict. While the opposition has continued to mount pressure, chief minister Siddharamaiah surprised his detractors on Friday afternoon by sharing case details with the state Governor Vaju Bhai Vala, who had been given memorandum by opposition leaders for a CBI probe. Siddharamaiah , unfazed by the pressure for CBI probe said,” I have briefed the governor and once the interim report is submitted the truth will come out.” But the opposition continued its demand for CBI probe and blames the government for mounting pressure on CID,” They will influence the CID, better that CBI probes the matter.

Will the CID probe into the other elements of builders role and the home minister’s influence” asked an angry Kumaraswamy. With the agitation becoming a centre of gravity for H D Kumaraswamy for him to consolidate his key votebank, even vokkaliga leaders from other parties are lending support to the agitation. With no end to the conflict in sight, all eyes are now on Monday, when the state government is expected to table the preliminary report to the state assembly.



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