Divisive tactics hurt social fabric the most

06 December Protests
Arm charm Right wing organisations are reportedly holding arms training camps in and around Greater Noida, Varanasi and Ayodhya

Each time the America-based business man Shalabh Kumar, who had set up the Republican Hindu Coalition in America comes on the small screen he does not bother to add the vital ‘Indian’ prefix to his name. In fact, all his utterances give the impression that only ‘Hindus’ are living Hindustan. With that, he is directly or indirectly misguiding not just the West but even the people of this subcontinent. The likes of Shalabh Kumar are trampling upon the basic facts, as don’t Sikhs, Parsis, Muslims, Dalits, Christians, atheists also live in Hindustan! In fact, this diversity is the beautiful crux to our land, yet the narrow -minded are bringing about a mischievous twist in our age-old traditional bonding.

It’s a worrying divisive trend, which could cause dents amongst Indians on the global scene, which in turn is sure to have the expected trickle-down effect! Tell me, how would a non- Hindu Indian describe himself or herself if he or she decides to land in America? Also, whatever happens to the Right-Wing claims of nationalism, when the likes of Shalabh Kumar do not attach ‘Indian’ when he talks about himself. Shouldn’t he be hauled up if not corrected. But who will do so, as he proclaims to be close to Narendra Modi and also to Donald Trump! Trumpeting his connections with the Right-Wing, he seems getting away with very much like the communally surcharged characters here in India are managing to do so.

Right from the summer of 2014, when the Right -Wing government came centre-stage, there’s that blatant shrill in the utterances of their lot, more than indicating dangerous build- ups. With the likes of Yogi Adityanaths and Sadhvi Niranjans and Giriraj Singhs even using gutter abusive language for the Musalmans of the country. And getting away with it. This trend continues. Ongoing those communal comments …day after day.

Build-up is on from the Babri Masjid destruction and the Gujarat pogrom. The decay and deterioration are widespread, cutting across religious and regional formats

In fact, 2017 started with Sakshi Maharaja unleashing along the strain that Muslim men marry 4 times and with that produce 40 children. Then came Sangeet Som’s obnoxiously communal speeches in Western Uttar Pradesh, threatening to once again ignite violence in that belt ( remember, some have been implicated in the Muzaffanagar riots of 2013 and he was also accused of stoking communal tensions in Dadri’s Bisada village after the killing of Mohammed Akhlaq). Now comes in Vijay Goel to hit at the hijab!

Writ large it is that two sets of rules are prevailing at the governance level. State machinery is treating communal characters from the Hindutva brigades with no apparent harshness and that probably explains why there is a steady increase in the communally surcharged unleashes.

Mind you, these are not sudden developments. Build-up is on from the Babri Masjid destruction and the Gujarat pogrom. And till date there’s been no crying halt. In fact, just a year back news reports together with photographs focused on the VHP and Bajrang Dal holding arms training camps in and around Greater Noida,Varanasi and Ayodhya. The shots were enough to portray that young men and women getting training to attack the ‘enemy’ – dummies of skull-capped men! Perhaps, private brigades in the making to target Muslims for the next rioting session.

Don’t you feel there is something or everything bizarre, that though there is a full-fledged ministry for the supposed ‘welfare’ of the minorities of this country and to top it all there’s also a Minorities Commission. Yet there is crying halt to these ugly divisive tactics .Never before such blatant forms of unleash had been seen out there in the open, in the midst of public rallies and platforms.

Perhaps, it would be naive to expect anything else but these build ups, as the RSS agenda seems to be in full – swing .Well into its implementation stage. If one were to read any of the RSS ‘literature’ its writ large that their agenda is to turn this land into a ‘Taliban land’, where only dictates shall prevail and nothing else. Then it wouldn’t be a question of Hindu or Muslim, but fundamentalists versus the saner element .Correct me if I’m wrong but that war has already taken off. All those who love this land, irrespective of their creed and caste, are seeing the dangers ahead and are trying hard to put up a stiff resistance.

And in this communal mess, there’s this newest entry of ND Tiwari into the Hindutva folds. Have you forgotten those photographs of him with three women! My mathematics is bad. I can’t possibly add or subtract the exact number of women with him on the governor’s official double-bed in the Governor House of Andhra Pradesh. Yes, there were three women with him, with one of them hugely pregnant. Not sure whether she was carrying Tewari’s baby, for he has this bad habit of disowning. He accepted Rohit Shekhar only and only after this young man’s mother went to prove all those intricate details of her ‘relationship’ years with Tewari, together with a series of scientific tests, DNA included, that Rohit Shekhar was indeed his very own offspring .

Don’t want to scare you, but have you imagined what would be the condition of the women and children of this country if the likes of ND Tewaris are made advisors to any of the ministries or commissions in charge of women and child welfare! In fact, this brings me to write that long back this very government had two rape accused in the Cabinet yet their spokespersons were chanting we’ll do this or that for rape victims. Here let me also point out that its seems a different treatment is meted out to the rapists if they belong to the corridors of power or if they rape whilst rioting is on .During the Muzaffarnagar riots, rapes did take place but till date no justice for the victims .They were told by the local goons together with the political mafia to shut up and get going …even the one or two victims who did show enough grit to carry on carrying hoarse that they were raped during those riots got no speedy justice. I wonder why! The decay and deterioration is widespread, cutting across creed and caste and religious and regional formats. Today it’s a battle between the sane versus the destroyers of this land. All of us who love our land have to speak out at the destruction that’s been on .And speak out right now.

It’s about time we begin to chant on a daily basis these lines of Martin Niemoller – the German pastor who was persecuted by the Nazis – “In Germany, they first came for the/communists, and I did not speak up/because I was not a communist .Then/they came for the Jews and I did not/speak up because I was not a Jew/Then they came for the trade/unionists, and I did not speak up / because I was not a trade unionist/Then they came for the homosexuals/and I did not speak up because I was/not a homosexual/Then they came for the Catholics/and I did not speak up because I was/Protestant/Then they came for me …but by/that time there was no one left to/speak up.”

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