Disrespecting PM Modi :Chhattisgarh government pulls up two IAS officers



Amit Kataria

Two IAS officers have been reprimanded by the Chhattisgarh government for not being in formal attire at the time of receiving Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the state. After attaining the position of Power as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had visited the Bastar region’s strife-torn Dantewada district on May 9th for the first time. There he had not only spent time with the people and children of the affected areas, but he had also launched two major development projects.

On Modi’s arrival, Amit Kataria, an IAS officer of the 2004 batch from the Chhattisgarh cadre, was spotted wearing a bright blue shirt and sporting sunglasses. Right before welcoming Modi, Kataria had changed into a white shirt with black stripes and still had his sunglasses on. KC Devsenapathy was spotted wearing a white shirt in Modi’s presence.

The two officials were informed through letters that their actions had breached the All India Services (Conduct) Rules. The letters, copies of which were accessed by Hindustan Times, were sent to the two officers on May 13 by the special secretary of the General Administration Department (GAD).

“It has come to the notice of the government that you were not wearing formal attire when you received the honourable Prime Minister and that you received him while wearing sunglasses,” said the letter sent to Kataria.

Meanwhile, Kataria reportedly said, “Bastar is very hot in May with temp above 40s. Wearing bandgala for hours while looking after arrangements is not practical. I was dressed in complete formal dress, blue shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes, not any T shirt or chappals.”

The message also says that the governor, Chief Minister Raman Singh and other top officials had just come “5min before” from the circuit house “properly” dressed and received PM Modi.

“I was standing and managing for them for many hours in hot sun and was really sweating and eyes burning. Decided not to wear the coat which I had put in my car,” the officer reportedly wrote.


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