Did the authorities block pornography sites streamed in India


PornographyIt seems that pornography sites are presently inaccessible from the country through several internet service providers.

Many popular sites could be accessed on internet connections provided by Bharat Sanchar Ngam Ltd, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd, Mumbai, Vodafone and ACT.

The ISPs when connected with pornography sites either display blank pages, or plainly give out a message — “Directory doesn’t exist”.

Meanwhile, while one subscriber said the site has been blocked by a “competent authority” (without explaining who), Airtel and Tikona users, and one BSNL Delhi user said that all sites could be accessed normally.

Eleven out of the world’s 13 most popular porn sites could not apparently be accessed and two websites were functioning normally on one Delhi broadband connection provided by Spectranet, according to Legally India.

At present, more than 20 crore porn videos or clippings were available in the market, which are being downloaded through internet or other video CDs.

When accessed all pornography sites were working normally on an Airtel mobile phone internet connection, it was found.

Non-pornographic video sites as youtube.com, vimeo.com or dailymotion.com were accessible normally.
It may be recalled here that the Supreme Court had refused to pass an interim order in June to block pornography websites in the country, saying “how can one be stopped from watching the sites within the four walls of his/her room” in a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by an advocate to ban pornography websites in the country.

Chief Justice of India HL Dattu banned the watching of pornography at home would be “a violation of article 21”, the right to personal liberty.

The case is ongoing. To look into the issue, the government counsel said it was the responsibility not of the I&B ministry, but of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

Advocate Vijay Panjwani, appearing for Indore-based lawyer Kamlesh Vaswani, had made reference about posting of a  woman’s photographs on websites by her estranged husband. He said the matter has been languishing for quite some time now, but the concerned ministries were not filing responses and counter affidavits.

Earlier, the SC had earlier asked the Secretary, DoT to file an affidavit on whether the government was competent enough to issue direction to ISPs to block porn sites.

The ISPs submitted they on their own cannot block such sites, but can do so on the government’s direction.






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